Be empowered. Do it yourself.

I am so glad you are here and really want you to know why I started this blog. Have you ever looked at something and thought how cool it was but thought the only way to get it was to buy it or pay someone to create it for you because there is NO WAY you could make it? Or have you had something break and had a moment of panic because it was not in the budget to fix it? Or watched someone achieve a goal that is so inspiring…and also seems so unattainable? Please believe me when I tell you that YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELF! And I would really like to come along side you in your journey of realizing this to encourage you.

All you need to do is try it once.

That’s it, just once! Choose one project or goal and take that daunting, intimidating and, ultimately, completely painless and doable first step…and you’re off! It’s okay to start with something small.

If the thought of running a half marathon seems cool yet insane, start with a 5K. Do you need a new table but what you want is not in the budget? First take on a picture frame for that unframed picture you haven’t done anything with yet. I can promise you that it won’t go according to plan and that you will make mistakes. But you will be empowered when you complete it!

The sense of accomplishment and pride you will feel is addicting. It will open doors in your mind and give you the realization of what is possible. With this comes the confidence to try something else, something new, something even more challenging that builds on the new skill you may have just learned. You will see that you can do it yourself! It is in you to do the things that leave you saying, “That is amazing! You are so talented! You are so creative!” when you see other people doing them.

The trick is quieting that voice of fear that fuels doubt in you and realizing that you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain. Fear is a tool that is used to rob you of joy and prevent you from accomplishing all the awesome things that God has planned for you and has created you to do. Period.

So, realistically, how do you do that?

Do a little research. The internet is an infinite source of information. You are literally keystrokes away from more articles, books, blogs, videos and websites on any given topic. I, personally, would LOVE to hear from you and help you get started in your quest!

Ask the experts lots of questions. Go to a store that sells supplies for what you want to try and talk to the employees. Want to take on that first 5K? Find your local running store. Going to try your hand at building that frame? Head to the nearest hardware store or lumber yard and ask for help. They are trained to help equip you to do it yourself. I bet you know people who have done some of the things you’re interested in trying too. Reach out to them. Most people genuinely want to help others succeed.

How did I get started?

I am just a regular girl. I’ve never had any particularly noteworthy abilities or gifts- I wasn’t an athlete in school, was never a talented artist or musician or carpenter. While not the dimmest bulb in the lamp, I’m not the brightest either- just a regular person.

But what I realize now is that all those times my Mom told me “Can’t never could!”, took root. And all those times I watched the wheels in my Dad’s head start turning as he looked at a challenge, evaluated the resources available to him and figured out a solution, made me realize that resourcefulness, persistence and tenacity pay off. They instilled in me a belief that, with the willingness to learn and an unwillingness to throw in the towel, any one of us is capable of most anything.

Obviously, some things require more education/skill sets/training/resources than others. But, if you’re determined enough and willing to put in the work, you might be surprised at what you’re capable of. Whether your motivation is to benefit others, for your own sense of accomplishment, for health or happiness or maybe a really practical reason, like budget…..or all of the above, abandon your reservations, buckle your seat belt, kick “can’t” to the curb and prepare to amaze yourself!