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Simplify Holiday Decorating- TAME THE TINSEL!

When to simplify holiday decoration organization?

As the holidays near, there is more and more talk about when it’s appropriate to decorate. I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer, but I do think anything to simplify holiday decorating and make it more fun can never be wrong! And there is no better time to organize your decorations than when you are either getting them out or putting them away. Personally, I think it’s easier when putting them away. But, who am I kidding? Once the holidays are over, aren’t you just so ready to have them packed up? So start thinking about it now and decide what feels least stressful for your family.

Where did we put it?

We find that it reduces stress if we decorate small areas at a time over a few weeks versus trying to do the entire house in one day or weekend. But we found ourselves running into the challenge of locating just the decorations we needed at that moment. We needed a way to simplify holiday decorating without having to drag everything out and dig through it. Finally, a few years ago, we took the time to:

  1. Box everything up by room (which we had mostly been doing all along)
  2. Create an inventory of what was in each box
  3. Sort the boxes by which decorations we would need first to last
  4. Designate the boxes we need last to the back of the space with the decorations we need first, closest to the entrance. We documented all of this on the inventory we made.

We printed that off, laminated it and store it near the attic access.

Here is what our inventory looks like. It also includes some other things that are stored in the attic that are not decorations. This helps prevent us from dragging out boxes that we won’t need at all.


  • Thanksgiving decorations (behind door)
  • Toys – blue box (favorite little person outfits)
  • Toys – clear box (Fisher Price)
  • Little Person’s Christmas decorations and tree
  • Christmas stuffed animals
  • Large ribbon wreath
  • Nativity, Twas the Night Before Christmas House, Tree (white styrofoam boxes)
  • Precious Moments Nativity & Sugar Town
  • White Nativity & church and battery candles
  • Wooden, cross stitched and childhood nativities
  • Wooden standing nativity for porch (behind door)
  • Wall trees for theater room
  • Mantle
  • Tree ornaments
  • Collegiate tree box


  • Toys – black and yellow (Geo Trax and Lil People)
  • Childhood decorations
  • Mickey Lionel train
  • Dining Room
  • Music boxes/Scentsy
  • Santa Collection
  • Lg white ceramic nativity
  • Animated figures, Mickey tree trimmers & clock shop
  • Wreaths
  • Silver trees
  • Willow Tree nativity & cutout nativity
  • Christmas trees
  • Wrapping


This has made decorating so much easier! It also helps with the cleanup after the holidays because we know where everything goes. I know I’m not sharing anything earth shattering here. It’s all common sense. But, as I recently organized all of my craft supplies with QR codes, it made me think what a perfect and affordable solution that is for Christmas decorations too. It would integrate perfectly to streamline our little manual system even more. If you haven’t read it already, I would encourage you to check out my post about using QR codes. This would be even easier and definitely more high tech. I hope this is helpful and that you find more things to be thankful for than you can name during this beautiful season of Thanksgiving. And may you have the merriest Christmas and all the blessings this magical season brings!

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