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The MOST thoughtful and meaningful gift…literally

You’ve probably heard it said, “It’s the thought that counts”. As each year passes, I find that to be more and more true. This might be the most special gift someone will ever receive or you will ever give. It is truly a most thoughtful, meaningful and encouraging gift to be treasured for a lifetime and can be done on any budget.

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It happens so fast, but the holidays will be here before we know it. This has definitely been another weird year. Many people would like to feel a little security- in their relationships, in their jobs, in their situations in general. This is one of my favorite projects and can be done with almost $0 budget. This might be the most meaningful and affordable gift you will ever give. And the recipient will feel loved beyond measure. It takes zero skill but it does take some time so start now.

Thoughtful IS the gift

Make a list of 365 things that you love about the recipient. Yes, 365 things! And, I’m telling you, no matter what things they do to drive you nuts at times, you can’t be more fond of a person than when you focus on all the things you love about them. Keeping the list on a spreadsheet is easiest for me. It allows me to add to it as I think of things. It also makes it easy to see I have at least 365 things (you can always do more too). Now write each thing on an individual “something”. You can do paper hearts, paper key tags from office supply stores or even just slips of paper. I wanted mine to be on something a little more permanent so I used a Sharpie on metal tags from Amazon (

Make it meaningful-take the time to write them out

Yes, you can print them out BUT it is VERY meaningful being in your own handwriting. I have lost both of my parents and finding things in their handwriting is always a gift. It is something unique to them and is so familiar and comforting. So, while you can print your list out and cut it into 365 pieces, I would ask you to reconsider that.

Find a sentimental, unique or fun container

Once you have your tokens done, find something special to put them in. I have never found a two compartment box that I love. So, I used two small, different colored, organdy bags inside a wooden box. But you can get creative here too- mason jars, socks, something related to their hobbies, etc. One bag contains all of the tokens and the other is empty. Everyday, that special person can read something that you love about them and then move that token to the other bag. By the end of the year, all (or most, if you’re an over achiever) of the tokens will be in the other bag. And the next year, they can do it all again. It would be hard to find a more thoughtful and encouraging gift anywhere.

Selfish perk

I have made this gift for several of my loved ones. It’s a really wonderful, heart warming thing to sit down and think about all the ways a person blesses your life. So, while I hope that having something to remind them every day of how loved and incredible they are, it was as much a thoughtful, meaningful and encouraging gift for me as it was for them.

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